USB-C Power Sharing Hub

USB-C Power Sharing Hub

Up to 200W for charging devices.

Up to 200W for charging devices.

Distributing up to 200W to four USB-C devices, the Inocess 200W Power Sharing Hub is an industry first. Paired with one or two 100W USB-C Power Delivery products, this hub will intelligently deliver the correct power to the devices, laptops, tablets, smartphones or any product supporting USB-C Power Delivery charging protocol. Inocess has developed the 200W Power Sharing Hub jointly with ST Microelectronics and Wise Integration. Wise Integration has developed the world’s most efficient GaN device for USB-C Power Delivery, resulting in the smallest USB-C charger on the market. Paired with up to two 100W devices, the 200W Power Sharing Hub delivers unparalleled convenience and flexibility to owners of multiple USB-C devices.


USB-C power HUB Demo with peripherals


Monitoring and Demonstration Tool

Power Delivery HUB Graphical User Interface tool

For users of the Inocess 200W USB-C Power Delivery Hub, Inocess provides a comprehensive Graphical User Interface tool. Product developers and testers can use it to verify correct operation of their device. Sales and marketing teams can use it to demonstrate the full industry leading capabilities of the hub.

The software runs on Windows 10 computers and displays the following parameters, which are updated in real time: Proposed power vs Delivered power; Total Power Budget, Statistics from each USB-C port. Truly an invaluable tool for product verification and demonstrating the 200W USB-C Power Delivery Hub.

Key Features

  • 1 or 2 100W USB-C PD inputs
  • 2x 3A USB-C PD outputs
  • 2x 5A USB-C PD outputs
  • Configurable USB-C PD Output : 5/9/12/15/20V up to 5A

Super Power

Provides up to 200W of charging power – enough to charge four USB-C devices (laptop, smartphones, tablet) at the same time.

High-Speed Charging

Save charging time with USB-C Power Delivery, supplying up to 5A to USBC devices. Enables fullspeed charging for multiple devices simultaneously.

Universal Compatibility

Works with any USB-C Power Delivery power supply up to 100W. Optimized for reliable performance with USB-C phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Business Models

  • Design Licensing

Customers can license the product design for local production. The Inocess team can support production ramp-up.

  • Research & Design Services

Inocess experts are available to design customized products when your resources lack the right expertise.

  • Innovation

We provide our technical capabilities to help our clients create new technologies

Contributing Partners

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Wise Integration ST Microelectronics Würth Elektronik

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