System design engineering services

Inocess offers turnkey solution for all your electronics design and embedded firmware needs.

We develop smart solutions and turn your idea into a real product. We commit to your project with a broad approach, we propose innovative options at every step.
From specifications to testing, we undertake all different project steps including feasibility study, drawings, design, place & route, assembly and embedded and application software to ensure the successful development from your idea to the prototype.

Within embedded systems and IoT, our key expertise areas are: microcontrolers, Power Delivery (USB TypeC PD, DC/DC, wireless charging), power consumption/reduction, signal processing.

Services :
-Analysis and requirements definition.
-Feasability study : solutions for complex and innovative projects
-Prototyping : Design, conception, board assembly, code development and tests

Long range, active, RF remote control design
Analog/digital electronic Schematics
Electronic boards 3D models

Design of sink and source USB Type-C Power Delivery systems.
Designs integrate STMicrolectronics either standalone or micro-controller driven USB power delivery controllers.

85W 4 ports USB power hub with USB Type-C power delivery

  • wireless power receiver
    • Wireless power transfer for battery recharge
    • Custom design
    • high power, high efficiency, 100W power transfer
  • battery charger, monitoring and power distribution
    • multi-cell lithium polymer battery charger
    • battery health control and protection – BMS

Wireless power transfer


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