Seabed Buggy

Visit Seabed‘s Seabed Buggy is an underwater vehicle allowing scuba divers to dive in autonomy and safety.

This Diver Propulsion Vehicle is driven by two propellers. Each propeller is driven by light signals coming from the thrust handle.
The propeller includes a battery, electronic boards, wireless charging and a motor along with a driver.
Inocess developed the electronics of the Seabed Buggy.

In this project, the surface available for the electronic boards is constrained by the propeller diameter. Thus we designed three boards stacked together, representing the three main functional blocs.

  1. microcontroler and logic
    • Optic commands
    • runtime safety
    • low power sleep with automatic wakeup
  2. wireless power receiver
    • Wireless power transfer for battery recharge
    • Custom design
    • high power, high efficiency, 100W power transfer
  3. battery charger, monitoring and power distribution
    • multi-cell lithium polymer battery charger
    • battery health control and protection – BMS
    • logic power supply
    • BLDC driver power supply
  • CAD interaction for prototype and product development
    • 3D/mechanics interaction, STEP, laser cut/engraving
    • thermal constraints

Multistacking board 3D model

Seabed Buggy - ©Copyright Visit Seabed France
Seabed Buggy – ©Copyright Visit Seabed France



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